We believe in equity investment for the right opportunity. We will endeavor to make majority investments in opportunities where we can partner with management to materially improve the operations and growth trajectory of the business. We invest in companies with great products that have an undermanaged or underappreciated growth element.

Winssion invests in companies with the following characteristics and attributes:

  • Branded or private label food and consumer product companies
  • Superior growth prospects supported by trends, such as convenience, balanced nutrition, and consumer value
  • Attractive category dynamics
  • Leading position in the categories they serve
  • Customer and product diversity
  • Culture of innovation
  • Multiple levels of value creation
  • Appropriate scale to be low-cost producer and distribute products on a national basis
  • Ability to act as a platform for future acquisition opportunities

Winssion thinks long term, stays away from products that may have a short history of rapid growth, but lack a track record of sustainability. Ultimately, we look for companies that have high quality and unique products, as these are attributes that consumers are typically unwilling to compromise on.

Within the Consumer Sector we want to partner with existing management teams to invest behind growth opportunities.

We strive to be one of the most active deal originators in India and the rest of Asia. We understand that network and reputation are vital to concluding successful deals. We maintain a high level of awareness about all major acquisition and divestment activities in our area.

Our team has a countrywide network which has developed over time. We have established a reputation as a credible and reliable business partner. Our network includes key business owners, groups of companies, entrepreneurs and other potential investors.


Looking to find a buyer or seller in the Indian market and would like to identify and develop potential deals?

How can Winssion help?

Our deal origination capability is enhanced through maintaining close relationships with both existing clients, as well as, potential new clients. Our intimate relationship with players throughout the business community has proven to be an effective source of transactions. We help our partners to identify key investment criteria, in addition to availability, attractiveness and portfolio synergy. Depending on the circumstances of the specific transaction, We act for either buyers or sellers.


Our services extend to every stage of the transaction, ranging from opportunity identification, project evaluation, to closing the deal.

The Winssion team consists of dedicated professionals who are committed to provide services tailored to your needs.

Our services in this area include:

  • Identifying potential counterparties and/or strategic partners
  • Facilitating introductions to a pool of buyers and/or investors
  • Determining finance availability in the market